King Of Asgard – Karg

20140728-205903-75543398.jpg I’ll be honest, I’ve never really liked King Of Asgard. I like viking and folk metal (whichever these guys are) to an extent; Amon Amarth and Ensiferum on a regular basis if you want examples. King OF Asgard was always something that I didn’t listen to but it’s always been under the “Maybe” category for bands I might want to listen to in the future. I saw that they released “Karg” and it went from “Maybe” to “Why Not”. Based upon what I heard of the band before hearing this album, I feared that I wouldn’t like this because it just wouldn’t have sounded good to me. But thankfully the first track, “The Runes of Hel”, was automatically better than any song I’ve heard before by this band and my fears were immediately dashed because I knew this would be a good album. The vocals have a very raspy sound with a harsh tone that pours energy into the lyrics every time they’re uttered. The guitars are very rhythmic and have an amazing sound to them especially in “Remnant of the Past” where they went from heavy to slow, simple notes that were deceivingly good. And the drums were vicious in their pounding along with the rest of the band and giving each song a heavy beat to them that never let up. The only “complaint” I have is that “Omma” was slow and repetitive for me that it’s not really a complaint but I’m just being another asshole critic. By no means did that one song ruin “Karg” for me because the rest of the album is flawless in my eyes and it is an amazing feat that King Of Asgard managed to pull off with their 3rd studio album. And one of the best viking/folk metal albums I’ve heard since “Twilight of the Thunder God”.


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