Abolition A.D. – After Death Before Chaos

20140725-142739-52059423.jpg “After Death Before Chaos” is a real treat for black metal fans because Abolition A.D. takes their debut album and gives people a real smasher that can get many people going. This album definitely has a dark theme that many people listen to and enjoy everyday because it’s their kind of music which I’ve got nothing against, of course. People will listen to whatever they listen to. The album has a very raw and destructive sound and feel to it which makes it an all the more better black metal album because that’s what they’re supposed to be. The vocals are deep and have that raspy background to them that make them sound even more befitting for a black metal band. The guitars have a very raw tone and rhythm that has been in black metal since its creation, and the drums pound along with the guitars in an endless and unrelenting beat that never lets up throughout “After Death Before Chaos”. This is an overall good black metal album that will surely gain the attention of fans of the genre and help this band grow.


BUY/LISTEN to “After Death Before Chaos” : http://pulverised.bandcamp.com/album/after-death-before-chaos

LIKE Abolition A.D. on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AbolitionAd


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