The End At The Beginning – Appearances

20140718-181551-65751383.jpg I know I make a lot of comparisons to Killswitch Engage in my reviews, but I don’t do it without thinking it’s true. And you might’ve guessed by now. . . I believe this band is like ol’ Killswitch. But an inexperienced one to say the least. This band has experience, otherwise they couldn’t make this album, but this is only their debut so they have a long way to go to perfect their skill. They sound really good as a metalcore band don’t get me wrong, but you get what I’m trying to say. At least I hope you do. The vocals have a good sound to them and tone throughout all of “Appearances” that just keeps up the energy the entire time. The guitars have a constant presence along with the drums that allow the tracks to have a good beat no matter when and which one you’re listening to. “Appearances” is a nice album for the common metalcore listener who wants a new band to listen to. I’m positive the band will improve by their next release, and I’m sure they’ll sound great.


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