Icons – Lifesigns EP

20140716-192944-70184489.jpg Some people may have noticed a pattern among my reviews that I don’t typically do reviews that are from last year. Like to keep the reviews fresh you know? Although I make some exceptions. If an album from say December or November really blow me away I’ll do it (i.e. : “Dead or Alive” from A Breach of Silence). Or if the band and it’s work is more or less unknown. By unknown I mean it’s not available to buy except from one source, not on any internet radio sites, and/or if they got little support on social media sites. Icons’ “Lifesigns” fits both requirements for me. For one : I really liked “Lifesigns”. Second : their EP isn’t on iTunes, not on Spotify or Pandora, and even though they’ve got 2000+ likes on Facebook (more than I can say I have myself) but less than 700 on Twitter. So as far as I’m concerned. . . they fit the damn bill well enough.

Icons really knows how to perform the highs and lows (meaning the fast paced and the slow calm music) of metalcore and use them to their advantage. They have a great sound that really goes down to the roots of metalcore by bringing harsh and loud guitars to the forefront of every track along with vocals that are really solid in going from hardcore and loud to a not-so rough but softer tone (you have to listen get watch I’m saying). And the drums have a good beat to them all throughout “Lifesigns” and they help keep the rhythm going and are in sync with the guitars and vocals really well. Overall this EP is a good piece of metalcore and I’m kinda shocked it hasn’t given Icons a bigger fan base because they certainly have the ability to gain more fans by creating good music. It’s only a matter of when they do it.


BUY/LISTEN to “Lifesigns” : http://iconsuk.bandcamp.com/

LIKE Icons on Facebook : http://facebook.com/iconsmetal

FOLLOW Icons on Twitter : @IconsMetal


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