GhostxShip – Cold Water Army EP

20140713-201957-73197434.jpg Before I get anywhere. . . let me just say. . . I really like that cover. Really sets the tone for how hardcore “Cold Water Army” is when you hear it for the first time. The album is quite good and is definitely up there for one of the best metalcore albums released this year that I’ve heard so far. That’s my opinion and of course someone out there is gonna be like “no fuck you that’s wrong the best album is [insert album name here] by [insert band name here]”. Happens every time. But that’s not my point. My point is that “Cold Water Army” is a solid album that I think gives GhostxShip a chance to stand among the more popular metalcore bands. The vocals still scream, but they’re not the high pitched or low toned vocals that the genre has been known to combine. Instead they had the ferocity of those from Rage Against the Machine and those from Mudvayne and their album “Lost and Found”. Those who’ve heard both of those, and then listen to “Cold Water Army”, will hopefully see what I’m talking about. Then the guitars are what you’d normally expect : hardcore, fast, good rhythm, excellent pacing to keep your attention the whole time. And the drums were also what you’d expect with their own special unique sound that all bands have in one form or another. Overall a good album that deserves some recognition in the very least and again one of my favorites from metalcore of 2014 for sure. I’d be very excited to see what else they have in store for fans who will keep their eyes peeled for new material.


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