Chelsea Grin – Ashes to Ashes

20140711-202439-73479656.jpg I have to give the credit of my discovery of Chelsea Grin to my friend Zoë who is a longtime fan of the band. She came to me one day when I was having lunch, and more or less said, “Chelsea Grin has a new album coming, listen to it. Just do it.” So I said, “Alright.” Because why the fuck not? The band sounded different and the way she described them they sounded like a band that I might like because she said they were metalcore. I like metalcore. And I imagine anyone reading this likes metalcore too. But I digress. Let me get to the review that you obviously came here for now.

“Ashes to Ashes” is much like all metalcore albums, but different (believe it or not (yes, sarcasm)). Similar because everything about the album is loud and has that in-your-face feeling that never lets up the whole time. The vocals, of course, vary from that high pitched screaming to the low (not death metal low) growl that normally does the more harsh lyrics while being in perfect harmony with each other. The guitars are absolutely hardcore and continuously go all out without letting up throughout the entire album and maintaining a great sound every second. And the drums have that constant beat that never ends no matter what you want to happen. Now for why it’s different. The sound. It has a certain feel to it that some metalcore bands fail to recreate. The bands that can create that feel are become widely known as the best of the genre much like how 5FDP has become widely popular amongst groove metal bands because they have that special sound that made them popular. This sound is what will propel Chelsea Grin up the charts of the most successful metalcore bands because they can do it. They have everything they need to pull it off if they haven’t already. All they have to do is do it one more time to seal the deal and forever place them among one of the greats of metalcore if they’re not already.


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