Novembers Doom – Bled White

20140710-201826-73106339.jpg Anyone who is a veteran listener of death and doom metal know that Novembers Doom have been at it since the very beginning pretty much. They are one of the main guys that when you see that they’re gonna be at an event or whatever you know that you’re gonna get the real deal. There’s no two ways about it when I say that a lot of these new death metal bands coming up have surely taken at least some influence from the previous work of Novembers Doom. And this album is without a doubt one of their best ones that I’ve heard for a while. “Bled White” hearkens back to the origins of death metal just as the band does every single day so the album is already great just there. It gets even better with the differing factors given by the band that make all of their albums sound good but make “Bled White” sound better (to me at least). The vocals have that fantastically low sound that I’ve always recognized (and can’t help but be recognized) with as being one of the best things about death metal for those who want their music to expel all the hatred, anger, and frustration there is to release within a single album or song. The guitars also do this in that they give rhythm behind all the rage and destruction and this gives all the head-bangers out there something to bash their heads along to. And the drums pound along each and every second of every song and that is just amazing given how hardcore they are and that makes me love them all the more. The tone and style of “Bled White” is much like Novembers Doom’s previous albums : hardcore and unrelenting. Not much more to it, and it’s great that way because that way you know the band is just straight music with no bullshit or anything. I personally wouldn’t want it any other way. “Bled White” is a great album and I’ve no doubt it’ll satisfy long time fans to the max and give the new fans a better taste of what they’re capable of (which is a lot).


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