Origin – Omnipresent

20140707-195810-71890519.jpg Anyone who truly knows my reviews knows for a fact that I love death metal, and whenever I hear about a new one popping up I raise my head like a rabid dog smelling steak and go “What? Where?!” I like it a lot. So as you might imagine, when I heard about the release of this album being tomorrow I hopped right on it. “Omnipresent” is badass if I have to make it as blunt as possible. The whole album basically says from the first track that there will not be one single slow and calm moment throughout every song, and that’s awesome. All of “Omnipresent” is an unrelenting piece of work that just assaults the ears until the very end and even then you’ll want to listen to it again. The album is jock full of songs that are 2 minutes or shorter and only 3 songs are over 4 minutes but less than 5 so all you people who can’t stand “long” songs. . . here you go. The vocals have that traditional death metal guttural tone to them that generations of hardcore metal fans will flock from all around to hear if they get wind of “Omnipresent”. The guitars and drums are also what you would expect from a death metal album but with a twist to them that unique edge that all bands have in one form or another. They create a sound that gets the head-bangers going and the people in the mosh pit excited instantly. Origin has made a real killer here with this album for sure. I’ve no doubt that when “Omnipresent” is released tomorrow that it will definitely turn some heads. It sure as hell turned mine.


BUY/LISTEN to “Omnipresent” : http://agoniarecords.bandcamp.com/album/omnipresent

LIKE Origin on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Origin

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