Colosso – Foregone Semblances

20140629-133953-49193506.jpg I’ll be honest I’ve never listened to an EP that only has 2 tracks in it let alone an EP that is less than 8 minutes long. Colosso, a Portuguese doom metal band, has given me something I did not expect today. It puzzled me a little bit that one of the two tracks was an instrumental for whatever reason, but I didn’t complain. I like instrumentals. To me every great albums should and/or could have just one short instrumental tracks somewhere in their albums that’ll just make the album all the more great. Sometimes they’re not short, like Five Finger Death Punch’s “Canto 34” that song had a fair length. So when I heard the instrumental, I was overall happy because it went well with the first track that had all the vocals in the EP.

The first song, “Circles of Defeat”, is a fast paced and heavy song that holds true to what modern doom metal is because it has a good balance of heavy guitars and drums with harsh vocals that put the doom in their doom metal. The lyrics also stay true to doom metal because they have that traditional dark theme and mean tone to them that give them that extra emphasis when they’re sung. The second (and last) song, “Four Edges of Deceit”, does remind me a lot of 5FDP’s “Canto 34” the more I think about it because both of them have good rhythm the entire time and nearing the end there is a point where everything is calmed down and become slow and soothing in a way, but then they pick back up into the metal that they were before. “Foregone Semblances” was a good EP and more than I would normally expect from a simple 2-track album. Definitely one that at least deserves to be listened to.


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