Tekilahell – Doomed

20140628-182956-66596780.jpg It’s always nice for small review “businesses” like me to get random messages from random bands that would like you to review their music. It’s flattering it really is and it will never not be. And as I’m sure you probably guessed, that happened once again to me today. I was messaged on Facebook by Brazilian groove metal band Tekilahell. First thought : nice name. Second thought : well there’s today’s review. And lucky me I was treated with a nice, rough EP by a band I’ve never heard before.

When I say rough, I mean sandpaper rough. “Doomed” just grinds along the entire time while pelting the ears with a steady and constant sound that keeps your attention through the whole album. Although the songs do sometimes drag on for what may be too long, they are still good nonetheless. The vocals have a certain tone to them that matches with the rough sound of the guitars and drums that both have good beats and rhythm in every song so that they all have “flavor” to them that sounds good. That is if you can get into the kind of music that is. Their music could use a bit of adjusting, but so could a lot of bands out there so I’m not singling out Tekilahell as the only one because that’d be bullshit. The band can make good music, but in order to make really great music they’ll need more experience which I know they will gain with time as many others have before them.


LISTEN to/DOWNLOAD “Doomed” : http://www.tekilahell.com.br/Music/

LIKE Tekilahell on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tekilahell

FOLLOW Tekilahell on Twitter : @tekilahell

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