Methane – Southern Metal

20140627-222835-80915066.jpg For some reason . . . this EP reminded me of Pantera in a way. The harshness alone seems reminiscent of “Drag the Waters” by Pantera vaguely but to me I can still make a connection even if there isn’t a connection in the first place. What make the two similar is that the songs from Methane’s “Southern Metal” have slow but heavy sound and rhythm to them that just make them catchy to anyone who can enjoy that kind of music. The vocals have that are signature to Pantera also which have that well done mix of a raspy voice that delves into a lower tone while maintaining that unique sound of a raspy voice that adds the subtle tone to the vocals that make them great when pulled off. And in this case they were pulled off quite well. The guitars like I said have are slow and heavy and that gives them a special sound that can attract many people because of how good it sounds and how rough (raw even) they are. The drums have a steady and rhythmic beat to them through all three songs of the EP that add a necessary pulse behind the guitars and vocals that give the songs a certain kick. “Southern Metal” is a nice EP that still to me seems like it’s taken some influence from Pantera or I could be completely off and just ranting out of my mind again. Either way, I’m kind of excited to see what else Methane can cook up. It’d be interesting for sure.


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