A Breach of Silence – Dead or Alive

20140625-164738-60458110.jpg Once again, another treat from the good people over at Eclipse Records have put out an album that much like Blowsight’s “Life & Death” and Our Last Enemy’s “Pariah” has legs of its own and is an excellent showcase of the bands raw talent and skill. And for those who know your albums, I know this is (once again) an album released over six months ago, but this is another album I couldn’t turn down a review for simply because of how good it is.

All throughout this album I heard something very subtle but obvious that I couldn’t place right away but now I can, “Dead or Alive” seems to me as a mix of Killswitch Engage and All That Remains in a way. For those of you who extensively listen to those two you’ll be able to know what I mean. The vocals scream along in every single track not allowing one moment to become dull and the same as the last. The sheer harshness and ferocity in them are immense and is something that you’ll have to hear to know what I’m talking about. There is also a mix of the said hardcore screaming vocals and “softer” vocals that don’t scream but still add amazing tone and sound to them, and the most famous example of this combo is Killswitch Engage which is one of the things that made them big in the first place, and the fact that it seems they’ve mixed those vocals with the sound of the ones from All That Remains make them sound all the more amazing. The guitars also sound like an awesome mixture of the K.E. and All That Remains because in every single song they never let up in being heavy as all hell, but they only break that tempo in order to bring a calm that only precedes another heavy storm. The drums also do the same by never stopping their kickass rhythm and beat throughout all of “Dead or Alive” which gives the album a well done performance that just adds to the greatness of this album.

Out of the three amazing albums that have been put out by Eclipse Records that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing and then reviewing, this has got to be my favorite. If someone asks me how many stars out of 10 I’d give this album I’d give it a big motherfucking 10. Slam dunk. Awesome. Perfect. Glorious. It would honestly not amaze me if I saw A Breach of Silence on the same poster as other bands like Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and/or All That Remains because they are honestly equals in that they all produce fantastic music that I imagine attracts hordes of fans every time they go on stage and perform. I can only imagine how fantastic a sophomore album would be for A Breach of Silence because it would then show off their raw talent even more as a band that guitarist Mat Cosgrove put as “the best of old school power metal and metalcore giving this album something of a creative edge, like a breath of fresh air”. I imagine that the band and Eclipse Records are hard at work on the next album. . .


BUY “Dead or Alive” on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dead-or-alive/id679815816

LISTEN to “Dead or Alive” : http://tinyurl.com/nr3b9mb

LIKE A Breach of Silence on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/abreachofsilenceband

FOLLOW A Breach of Silence on Twitter : @BreachOfSilence


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