Amongst Thieves – Revise. Reform

20140620-124147-45707803.jpg Metalcore may not always be the best of genres. . . but I like it. It’s different. Now Amongst Thieves is different, but familiar. Their recent EP “Revise. Reform” is a nice short album that is a true metalcore album. The vocals were well done for a metalcore band. They have a good tone and were really in sync with the rest of the band and the lyrics sung had meaning to them that were both uplifting and meaningful. The guitars were heavy, well performed, and had a good rhythm throughout the entire EP. The drums had an excellent beat the whole while and are a good pair with the guitars. While I’m making this sound like your average metalcore EP, it’s definitely not. As many bands are wont to do when they were small, Amongst Thieves can become bigger and more popular among the masses and become someone’s favorite song on the radio, iPod, Pandora, or whatever else people listen to music on.


LISTEN to “Revise. Reform” :

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