Azooma – A Hymn of the Vicious Monster

20140618-101302-36782594.jpg Just like how old Metallica used length to extend the longevity of their thrash metal, Azooma has done the same thing to make their hardcore death metal to make their music sound great for a longer time. “A Hymn of the Vicious Monster” takes the traditional death metal aspects and roots and uses them to its advantage by taking true death metal fans back to the original days of the subgenre, and not many bands can do that anymore. Thankfully, Azooma is not most bands.

The guitars in this are so goddamned relentless that it’s ridiculous. Throughout the whole album that is a constant heaviness that goes very well with the vocals that are so deep, brutal, and vicious that it’s a relief to hear a modern death metal band go back to what death metal was originally meant to be. The drums in this were also amazing with being able to keep up a monstrous beat and rhythm and pounding along in the longer songs the entire time which impresses me because there has to be a shit ton of synchronization with the band members to be able to pull off 7-10 minute songs without stuttering and showing immense skill. I’m sure it took a while to pull off though as stuff like that doesn’t happen instantaneously. The artwork of the album really does the album a lot of justice because you can tell just by looking at it that this will be heavy, unique, and awesome. The frontman, Shahin Vaqfipour, had this to say about the artist and his work :  “Shahryar Shervin the one who does the artwork, is a great talented person. He spent so much time with the band during the process of making this EP, discussing the ideas and he really understood and discovered what was on our minds and his work reflects what we want to say visually. We really appreciate what he did on the artwork”. I’m glad that Shervin was able to connect with Azooma really well and was able to convey the album visually in ways that must’ve been difficult to pull off. The tone is also special, and an article from where I heard the album got this quote from Shahin concerning what the album is about (and I’m very happy with what he said) : “A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster is about a normal person who seems to be a victim of the situations he is in, but eventually it becomes clear that if the conditions are right, he can turn into the monster which he thinks he is a victim of. It’s the nature of mankind. If he has the opportunities, he can turn into something evil which he thinks he would never be and do some vicious deeds. Everyone has this potential, but the true power and purity is not to let this nature, this essence grow.” I’m loving this band more by the minute.


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