Dust Bolt – Awake the Riot

20140617-151944-55184260.jpg German-born metal bands always have their moments. Sometimes, these moments are rare and don’t come quick enough for some people. But for others, such as myself, are able to wait for the day when a good German metal band pushes out an album that sounds great. Apparently, the latest of these flew under my radar last week and I physically did a double take when I saw this album. I never heard Dust Bolt’s first album, but I’ve heard good things so. . . fuck it, right?

This band is full of energy. And I mean a lot. That’s an essential for any sort of thrash metal band, but Dust Bolt has taken their energy to the max and even higher with their fast and powerful guitars that don’t let up the entire album. “Awake the Riot” only has one flaw in my opinion : it’s length. Usually I don’t mind long albums, but this one just made me slowly lose interest in listening. That’s it though. Everything else was good. The guitars in this were fast paced, rhythmic, and has a tone the entire time that just sounds amazing. The drums has a fantastic beat each track and kept pounding along the whole while. And the vocals are so well done that it amazes me how long the singers can keep up their hardcore screaming without stuttering or dropping out in some of their longer and more intense tracks. The tone and style is also great the entire time so much that you’re going to have to listen to know what I’m talking about.


BUY on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/ua/album/awake-the-riot/id860594210

LISTEN to “Awake the Riot” : http://musicmp3.ru/artist_dust-bolt__album_awake-the-riot.html

LIKE Dust Bolt on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dustbolt?sk=wall

FOLLOW Dust Bolt on Twitter : @DUSTBOLTband


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