Arch Enemy – War Eternal

20140613-173956-63596085.jpg This is the kind of album that people like me live for. “War Eternal” was just… fucking beautiful. An absolute masterpiece that shall become one of the legends of metal that will be known for generations of head-bangers to come. The entire album is a great representation of all modern day thrash metal mixed with some death metal and with some of the most perfected screaming I metal I’ve ever heard. Just the vocals alone are so fucking amazing that you have to listen to them to know what I’m talking about. The variety and skill that went into the perfecting of those vocals are so well done that it sends a shiver down my spine just listening to them because I know the vocalists put 100% of their effort into the creation of their singing. The guitars and drums do an amazingly good job because they are so damned heavy and fast-paced throughout the entire album that they almost force you to bash you head along to the badass beat. I cannot word the album any other way or describe it anymore because if I do that’ll degrade the reputation and expectations I’ve given you for what “War Eternal” has in store for you. Go click on that link below to go listen to it. Absolutely worth the time!!

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