Feared – Vinter

20140529-180546-65146655.jpg If there was ever an album that made me just about shit myself, it’s this. Even though “Vinter” was released in November, I have no doubts that this fantastic doom/death/heavy metal album that sounds amazing is drawing more and more people to listen to it as it did with me. To me, this is an absolute masterpiece of the genre. The entire album is filled with the heaviest guitarists, drums, vocals, and style I’ve heard in a while. Sure, I’ve done reviews for bands that have all of those, too, but none of them take them to the level that Feared did with “Vinter”. The vocals are devilishly good whenever the vocalist screams or goes into a deep guttural tone that I imagine can go so low that only elephants can hear the man. The guitars are so good that I felt forced to turn up the volume of my headphones, speakers on my computer, and the volume level on YouTube to maximum power so I could bask in the heaviness of this album that will make any devout metal fan’s knees buckle with pleasure and disbelief, and make them head-bang to no end. The drummer is so good at what he does, but I honestly feel a little bad for him and is ankles because of how fast he does his pounding which is, of course, very well done. And the grim, brutal style of “Vinter” is one that I can only truly compare to We Rise the Tides’ “Death Walk” which astounded me just as much as this did. In fact, if those two bands were to go on tour together, I’d shit my pants for real at how heavy and brutal shit would become on that stage. I’d buy those tickets, and I know many others would be right there with me forming a mosh pit.

Buy the special deluxe version of “Vinter”  on their website (link below) to get along with a physical copy of the album, a CD of the instrumental version of the album, a Feared guitar pick, and other special downloadable content! And,  Feared does not belong to any label, so that means whatever you buy all the money directly supports the band! So go buy some of their shit on their website! I’m getting myself one of those sick looking t-shirts.


BUY “Vinter” : http://itunes.apple.com/album/vinter/id734515982

LISTEN to “Vinter” before you buy it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLW1xcIcbCk

GO to Feared’s website : http://www.fearedband.com/home

GET official Feared merchandise! : http://www.fearedband.com/merch

LIKE Feared on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/fearedband

FOLLOW the lead guitarist on Twitter (no official band account, sorry) : @fearedse


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