Byzanthian Neckbeard – Doppleganger (single)

20140522-181217-65537752.jpg Slow, heavy, and good. Just let those words sink in for moment. Do they hold meaning and have a lot of weight when they’re by themselves? Of course. All together? Well, it doesn’t always work out as is expected, but when I heard of Byzanthian Neckbeard, I was expecting just that : nothing special. Even the name threw me off just a little bit because of how weird and odd it sounded and looked. But their single “Doppleganger” from their upcoming EP “From the Clutches of Oblivion”, the results were opposite of my expectations which surprised me. The single has a slow pace, but the guitars are no doubt heavy and have power to them. And I mean power. The vocalist also has a deep voice that is very much like doom metal and viking metal bands (yes, I listen to viking metal. Sue me) and it goes really well with the flow of the rest of the band that keeps up with the vocalist’s tempo and style by staying slow but heavy all the same. This single is hopefully a good preview of what is to come when the full version of “From the Clutches of Oblivion” comes out because I would love to hear what else this band has in store because I think they can do good things with their music and produce good albums that’ll turn some heads. And by “some” I mean a few thousand if not hundreds of thousands if not even more.


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