Killer Be Killed (self-titled)

20140521-093142-34302193.jpg Supergroups are like God’s wild cards when it comes to music, especially metal because it can turn out to be a fantastic idea that’ll bring good music for years, or a terrible idea that nobody will like. Two great examples of widely successful supergroup bands are Hellyeah and Times of Grace. I’m saying them with confidence that you know who at least one of them are, and if not, well then you should. Killer Be Killed is one of these really good supergroups, comprised of members Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and Dave Elitch (ex-The Mars Volta). This band has members that take the “super” in supergroup and take it to a whole ‘nother level. With this being their debut album, I should’ve heard them sooner, even though this came out only 8 days ago but still. My point is that Killer Be Killed is living up to the hype they created before the release of their debut. 

The music in this album is a perfectly executed project made by the members of the band who took all of their previous experience in metal, and molded them all together into a seamlessly wonderful album that is flawless to its (metal)core. The vocals are sung and performed greatly by the vocalist (or vocalists, I’m not quite sure if there’s more than one)  being able to take his voice from one end of the spectrum to the next in a blink of an eye. This is shown perfectly in the track “Melting of My Marrow” (which I’m listening to right now) with the vocalist taking his vocals all the way from being smooth sounding without breaking to (not high-pitched) raw screaming to a something else that I can’t quite describe. You’ll have to listen to the track to know what I mean, I’m sure someone will be able to put what I mean into a coherent phrase.

On to the guitars and drums. They have a brutal sound that you’d expect from a heavy metal band, and the guitarists take their sound onto a slightly more harsh level that can attract the ears of many metal heads around the world but still being called heavy without destroying headphones within 15 seconds (not that that’s bad or anything). Some of the riffs and rhythms that the guitars take are beautifully done and crafted while possessing a tone to it that can make just about anyone bang their heads to their beat in no time at all. The drums have the same effect by keeping a harsh, unforgiving pace and rhythm that will keep any metal fan’s tuned into the sound for many years to come.

Better than what I thought it was going to be, by far! I’ve seen comments on the website where I heard this album and sadly I’m disappointed with how short-sighted some people would be. Some said they didn’t enjoy the vocals. Others said that they weren’t heavy enough. But honestly if you let one or two things getting in the way of something that you otherwise enjoy, learn to keep your mouth shut and learn to appreciate the time and effort it took to make this music. I have friends who make music. Takes them forever to make an EP. Imagine how long it takes for a full-length album. . . ages, I’d imagine. And when a band, such as this, succeeds greatly and puts out good music, just appreciate the fact they went through the trouble to give you music that they enjoy creating. If you can’t appreciate it, then don’t listen to it at all much less share your b.s. opinion about it.


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