Volharding – Ascension

20140518-163224-59544078.jpg We all know about Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage, all the greats of the metal genre who started off small, but then grew large. And they all started their trek to popularity with a debut album. The debut album of any band out there sets the tone and expectations for a band’s future and what sort of music they’ll put out in the future. It’s also a fabulously exciting moment for people like me when we come along a debut album from a band we’ve never heard of, and we like it. That’s a fantastic feeling. Volharding has done that for me. They have made an album that is also their first that sounds great. They have put together what may not be regarded as a “masterpiece”, but it can and will be regarded as a great album that only speaks of good things to come for Volharding in the future.

While being prominently death metal, “Ascension” has managed to dive into thrash metal at the same time and keeping that same heavy sound paired with the same guttural vocals as sung by Will Moss. And the best example of this beautiful merging of death and thrash metal can be heard in the track “Lesser of Two Evils”, which is also my favorite track. The rest of “Ascension” has a sound that is heavy and fast paced that I can tell took a good deal of time and devotion to get all the notes, drum beats, and vocals to align perfectly into one heavy piece that sounds amazing. The choruses for all the songs have lyrics that convey death and destruction that go along with the guitars and drums fantastically, and the rapid beats of the guitars and drums definitely hold out on the thrash metal part but also staying heavy and brutal enough to make any person who can enjoy their sound and heavy ass style (I know I sort of repeated myself there and I’m not sorry, has to be said to get the point across). The composure of the songs are well defined and perfectly orchestrated in a way that will attract many throngs of people from around the world with their riffs and harsh vocals that other bands have already grown big because of those (if you want an example, Amon Amarth). Volharding has my confidence that they will put together another album much like “Ascension” and do just as well if not better with their second go at it, and I cannot wait.

If you want to hear Volharding’s “Ascension” (which I strongly recommend), then click on the link below and keep up to date with the band through the various social medias.


LISTEN to “Ascension” on bandcamp.com : http://volhardingmetal.bandcamp.com/album/ascension

LIKE Volharding on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/VolhardingNJ

FOLLOW Volharding on Twitter : @VolhardingMetal

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