(Revision) We Rise the Tides – Death Walk

20140505-070644.jpg When I was first contacted by We Rise the Tides, I had no idea that the music I was about to listen to would shake my foundations for heavy metal. The first track that I listened to was on YouTube and it was their lyric video for the track “Pins and Needles”. The track literally blew me away! I couldn’t believe that something that heavy and brutal could sound so good. I was so pumped for “Death Walk” to come out that I began to promote the shit out of it on Twitter. I counted days down, I continuously said “listen to this shit!” on multiple occasions. And when the 7-track album came out, it was a good day to be a metal head.

“Death Walk” began with an instrumental track that seamlessly flowed through into the next track much like Disturbed did in “Asylum” by making “Remnants” a sort of instrumental prelude to “Asylum”. Everything about this album screamed heaviness and brutality and it did all of this without once letting up or losing the pace and mood of the song, which “Pins and Needles” does very well. The lyrics are, of course, very dark themed as the title “Death Walk” would suggest and very much imply. And the use of the drastic change in vocals from the chorus to the rest of the songs may not be totally original, but it still sounds fucking great. This album is just covered from 0:01 to the end of “Worthless”. We Rise the Tides also uses instruments in their songs like a piano at the end of “Pins and Needles” that add an ominous and uneasy atmosphere to the end that make me love the track even more. And I know I keep using “Pins and Needles” as my example for this album but it’s not the only great track in the album because the entire album is great, it’s just that I really love that track. . . sue me.

The members are also very nice people and deserve all the fans and all they can get. I even told them that on Twitter after many weeks of seeing their retweets of all the support and praises they’ve gotten over “Death Walk” ever since it came out. I said to them, “it’s good to know that my old friends of We Rise the Tides are getting the popularity and respect that they’ve earned and the fans they deserve!” Now, of course, there we some grammatical errors in the real tweet because of that damned 140 character limit, but that’s not the point. The point is that this band is great. They deserve anything positive they can get for all the hard work that they’ve put into this album and touring the west coast to promote the album. When they put out a new album, you can bet your ass (your ass, his ass, her ass, everybody’s ass!) that I will be all over that album in a heartbeat. . . and I expect you to be there also to bask in their gloriously heavy metal.


BUY “Death Walk” on iTunes NOW : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/death-walk/id828983735

WHERE to hear “Death Walk” : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3l_BmMzXW73mQi3RkSEqp3hRT7jYQGXj

LIKE We Rise the Tides on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/werisethetides

FOLLOW We Rise the Tides on Twitter : @werisethetides

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