(Revision) Alice Sweet Alice – Ribbons and Stone

20140504-180207.jpg I figured that since my list of albums to review has run dry, I might as well redo past reviews that I’ve done before the creation of the website so that the reviews can be properly done this time with more detail and description (pretty sure those have the same meaning). And I also figured what better band to do than Alice Sweet Alice, whom I’ve had contacted several times within the last few weeks. During this time we’ve exchanged information about their music, especially since I had the desire to post up their album “Ribbons and Stone” on YouTube as to further spread their music which I’ve enjoyed since I first heard it. But since the band only wanted me to provide their singles at full length, I put the rest of the songs from that album in 30-40 sec samples, but they can still give a person a good enough taste of the style and musical quality of the band that they might even consider buying it off of iTunes. Also to repay me for my efforts, I was given a free ticket to a 30 minute live show on the internet where I can chat with the band and listen to them (live, of course). I would’ve preferred that it not be on Mother’s Day but it goes on at 1 pm my time, and it’s only 30 minutes so I can have time for that for sure. Now enough of my babbling of which you’ve suffered to maybe read. . . to the review!

I’ve had several people ask me whether I only do metal reviews since they see the “Head-Banger” part in my name and they think it’s strictly metal. But it’s not, as I’m sure at least some of you know. Alice Sweet Alice is definitely not metal and if they were to become a metal band they would have to do some drastic changes to their music, style, etc. The genre of rock defines this band, literally molding this group into something that can take the beautiful vocals of a woman (and a man in their song “Around the World”) and fuse that with guitars and drums that have the smoothness the rock fans can really enjoy and savor when listening to “Ribbons and Stone”. The style of their songs are light and hopeful, but the notes to the guitars have an edginess to them that give the tracks themselves a sharpness to them that sounds really good and can be heard to by almost anyone ever. And the lyrical style and quality of Alice Sweet Alice is amazing it really is. I could have people who listen to music that ranges from orchestra to metal to techno to country and I can guarantee that the least they could say is “. . . not bad . . .  not bad at all”.

This band and this album really do deserve all the popularity, fans, and respect that they can get! The band should take off when they start putting out more and more albums because they have the talent, capability, and style to do it. These are very nice and good people who work hard for their work and its fruits. “Ribbons and Stone” is only a prelude for all the good work that is to come in later years when the band puts together more tracks and more albums and presents them to the public of whom I’m also sure should and would enjoy their music to no end as long as they stick to the path they’ve already carved, paved, and forged by themselves for themselves! And. . . buy them on iTunes NOW!!!


BUY “Ribbons and Stone” : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ribbons-stone/id657577759

YouTube playlist for “Ribbons and Stone” : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqSo9C7VH6X3rG-yV0nUwM3BA58rxAV9G&feature=mh_lolz

Alice Sweet Alice’s Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/alicesweetalice

Alice Sweet Alice’s Twitter : https://twitter.com/alicesweetalice


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