Devil You Know – The Beauty of Destruction

20140424-070644.jpg For those who have been waiting and looking forward to this album, believe the hype! And for those who haven’t even heard of this band and their debut album “The Beauty of Destruction”, you MUST!! Straight from the first track “A New Beginning”, the title speaks for itself because this new album is a new beginning for all the members of this wonderful band. Everyone in this super-group were all part of metal bands previously and they’ve all banded together and transformed their separate experiences and combined them into a plethora of masterpieces. The main man of this album is the well-known ex-Killswitch Engage vocalist, Howard Jones! Every metal head should remember his days as a part of Killswitch and how good songs they put out. But he doesn’t take all the spotlight in this band. With him are Francesco Artusato as the lead guitarist and the other vocalist who’s from All Shall Perish; drummer John Sankey from Devolved, Divine Heresy, and  Fear Factory; Logan Mader as the composer and producer who is also an ex-Machine Head guitarist and produced for both Gojira and Five Finger Death Punch; and the mixing done by Zeuss (at least that’s what I think his name is).

Straight for the get-go, this album is a heavy metal masterpiece. The notes are brutal and heavy as all hell, the drums are right there with them beating along to their own hellish rhythm, and Jones’ harsh, unrelenting lyrics are just amazing and go perfectly with the rest of the band who form a wondrous unity together. Everything about this album goes so well together that you cannot help but head-bang along with it sometimes if not always and it makes you somehow finding yourself tapping your feet to the punishing beats.

The last time I was this excited for an album was when I found out that Jesse Leech and Adam Dutkiewicz had created a new band, Times of Grace, and put out a new album, “Hymn of a Broken Man”. And that album was amazing and I absolutely loved it and still do. To me, this album is kind of like Howard Jones’ take on it. Even though (to my knowledge) he doesn’t mean for this album to have and connections with “Hymn”, I cannot help but feel the same why about “Beauty” as I did towards “Hymn”. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both fantastic albums and they are a must on any metal fan’s playlist, but I’m just saying.

But if you haven’t heard “The Beauty of Destruction” yet and like Howard Jones, then click that fucking link below and listen to it now!! Do it!!


Devil You Know’s Facebook :

Devil You Know’s Twitter : @DevilYouKnow

Where to hear “The Beauty of Destruction” :  (FYI : you must log in/register in order to listen to the album in full. Takes literally 3 minutes at most and is completely worth it!)

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