Carnifex – Die Without Hope

20140423-184230.jpg I’m gonna say a phrase and you’re gonna think of the first thing that pops into your head and think only that. Okay, here’s the phrase : death metal. Got an idea? Now stick with it. Now take that idea, and throw it out the goddamn window because the bars have been raised in the world of death metal with this album! “Die Without Hope” by Carnifex was fucking ridiculous. Everything about it just screamed (literally) death metal. They held nothing back in the creation of this album. From the sinister lyrics to the guitars that just tear at your ear drums, Even the album covers shows that they wanted everything to be as brutal as brutal gets. And they succeeded in several ways. I cannot say anymore about this album in words. Click on the link(s) below if you want to hear this for yourself. And I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t find the full album on the Internet or anywhere, I had to borrow the actual disk from a friend at work today. The link below gives you the Youtube videos for 2 of their tracks.

Carnifex’s Facebook :

Carnifex’s Twiter : @carnifex

Where to hear “Die Without Hope” :


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